SWOT Analysis of Diversity

Nowadays, it is very common to hear the term DIVERSITY both in our daily lives and in the corporate world. But to what extent do we actually know that diversity means? Is it something close or further from you? 

In the Aurélio dictionary we find Diversity to be:

1 – Quality of diverse 

2 – Variety (in opposition to identity); multiplicity 

To what extent do we perceive this term unconsciously? Is it really diversity in all its plenitude? 

From my point of view, our biggest equality is probably the diversity each one of us possesses. We are all different and act differently when presented with the same stimuli. We are a unique universe. Not even twin siblings, who share the exact same DNA, are the same. They look a lot alike, but the external effects allow for the discovery of some differences. 

Look around and you will realize how everyone is different. Bodies, faces, behaviors and personalities, they all seem unique and special. Now think about the humanity as a whole. There are almost 7.5 billion of us, but studies suggest that 100 billion people have lived and died over the last 50 thousand years. As far as we know, all of them are or were completely unique. The same applies to all human beings that are yet to be born. 

Back to the corporate world, I suggest an analysis of DIVERSITY using the SWOT matrix. 


* Diversity is what makes you unique and special 

* The diversity in you is what enables you to search for new horizons, questions and answers 

* Diversity is always an opportunity 

* Diversity enables your empathy towards others- by knowing yourself, you can better understand others 

* Diversity broadens your identity, creating multiplicity and amplitude 

* Diversity increases levels of creativity, innovation and the ability to manage problems and potentially finding solutions 


* Fear of self-knowing and acknowledgement in weaknesses 

* Insecurity towards the own universe

* Diversity makes you look for something new, which goes against the maintenance of the status quo and creates uncertainty towards the path that should be followed 

* Diversity is a potent and uncontrollable flow   


* Diversity is inherent and natural 

* Diversity is an essential principle for any system to evolve and survive (Darwin) 

* Diversity enables people to find common ground among the most diverse groups 


* Fear of imposing one behavior conduct because of the plural diversity of each individual 

* Diversity enables so many solutions and answers that it makes it harder to choose the right path to follow 

* Diversity always needs continuous and present management in order to maintain inter-relational harmony, create groups and maintain them.

These are just a few observations that I have built through life observation, as I live a real diversity as a transexual woman. In my weaknesses, I have found my biggest strengths. In all the wrongs life has given me, I have found my rights. I lost fear by facing it.

I invite you to reflect on how diverse you are. Take 10 minutes to try and do this little exercise. Dare, without any fear, to find places inside you that you never even dared to visit. Allow yourself to fly even if you have never done it. 

You may find this exercise quite difficult if you are doing it for the first time. That is completely natural. However, you should not drop it. When you feel more safe, write your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Allow yourself to be surprised with your findings. 

In order to finalize this journey, apply this new way of seeing life in your next encounter (with family, friends, colleagues, leisure time…) and invite others to do it too. Do what you have done over the course of this article with me: amplify your diversity and let yourself be filled with it, as it is our greatest treasure- the uniqueness of being unique and DIVERSE in our essence. 

See you in my next flight (or article), as you prefer. 

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