Creative diverse representation the 50:50 way

WHEN BBC News presenter Ros Atkins was listening to the radio on a car journey to the South West of England during the Christmas break in 2016, I am sure he would never have thought a simple idea he have would lead to, what I like to call, a global movement – the 50:50 Project. […]

Diversity and inclusion in companies

Inclusion is the bundle of actions in which different groups or individuals with certain characteristics are accepted, welcome, and treated as equals.  Nowadays, diversity and inclusion are two words that make a difference when it comes to competitiveness of a firm. Diversity is related to topics such as respect and appreciation of differences (nationality, sexual […]

SWOT Analysis of Diversity

Nowadays, it is very common to hear the term DIVERSITY both in our daily lives and in the corporate world. But to what extent do we actually know that diversity means? Is it something close or further from you?  In the Aurélio dictionary we find Diversity to be: 1 – Quality of diverse  2 – […]

Without T, there is no LGBT inclusion

The most fashionable subject nowadays when it comes to the corporate universe is the diversity theme.  They speak about diversity and inclusion. I speak of inclusion OF diversity. Because inclusion and diversity are very different terminologies. I remind a great friend of mine who says: “Diversity is inviting for the ball. Inclusion is inviting to […]

7 Ways to Check Your Bias When Evaluating Your Team

“It starts with an I, and ends with an E,” my manager once said to me. “Initiative. I need you to show more initiative.” One of my first jobs out of college was being an assistant. Although I was a hard worker, a go-getter and someone who (I thought) already took initiative, I tried hard to course-correct once I received […]